Glance about NS Unit Projects

Army Static Switch Communication Network (ASCON ) Project for Ministry of Defence

The Company’s thrust on the speedy implementation of projects has resulted us in repeat orders from Ministry of Defence for ASCON Phase III project. ASCON is the country’s prestigious Telecom Network for Defence along the Borders. The network consists of large no. of Voice and Data switches inter connected with various media types like microwave radio, OFC etc., The Phase I and Phase II of the Network has already been established by ITI on Turnkey basis and handed over to the Army. At present the network is being maintained by the company under AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). ASCON phase - III was entrusted by Ministry of Defence to ITI on a Turnkey basis during April 2000 with an outlay of Rs.355 Cr. It uses state-of- the art ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) switches, Satellite media, PAMA (Permanently Assigned Multiple Access) and DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access),Microwave Radio, PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) and SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) and Optical Fiber communication (OFC) upto STM - 4 (Synchronous Transfer Mode level). Like in Phase - I and Phase - II, ASCON Phase III Network is secured using Bulk Encryption. The project includes civil works for providing complete infrastructure required at various stations in addition to supply, installation, commissioning and Maintanence of Telecom equipment, Satcom equipment, Optical Fiber Cables and equipments.

VSAT Based Broadband Aceess Network In Ku- Band

Given the expertise of Network Systems Unit (NSU) of ITI LIMITED in the areas of system integration, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance aided by the nation wide presence of its Units and offices.NSU embarked on implementing VSAT based Broad band Access network for BSNL. An MOU to this effect was signed with BSNL to handle this project on revenue sharing basis. The project involved setting up of a HUB at Bangalore and commissioning of VSATs at 200 locations initially.Currently VSAT base is nearing the 3500 mark and expected to reach 5000 numbers shortly.PSTN connectivity ensures seamless integration with National Telecom Infracture for Voice, Data and Video applications, besides Internet access. With this strategic alliance, NSU has made its debut into a new area of building infrastructure for IP- base Satellite based Broadband services. These services are available for both corporate users in large cities and to remote areas where OFC/Cables do not exist. Services include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Internet upto 2 Mbps, extension of existing MLLN (Managed Leased Line Network) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) services of BSNL. Ku-Band High transponders, in INSAT are being employed for providing the above services. The HUB among other items boasts of having a 24x7 Customers Helpdesk to attend to any customer complaint and a data center for hoisting any customer database.

Installation/Commissioning/Maintenance of CDMA WLL Project at Afghanistan<

Supply, Installation, Supervision of 11 (Eleven No’s) of Digital Telecommunication Systems consisting of Digital CDOT Switch, CDMA Wireless Local Loop System based on CDMA 2000 IX Standard and related infrastructure which includes:
• Digital switches
• CDMA WLL Equipment of CDMA 2000-1X standards with BSC, BTS with OMS.
• Microwave Radio (15GHz) system
• Supervisory
• Supervisory System, Safety and Security system
• Rectifiers MPS based
• Batteries of VRLA type
• Electrical System
• Diesel Generator set
• Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
• Air Conditioner
• Shelters
• Towers
• Fixed Wireless Terminals
• Handsets (optional)
• Spares
• Test instruments and tools
• Documentation

WAN (Wide Area Network) Project For PGCIL

• Project called for offering a Turnkey system package for Wide Area Communication Network.
• Scope of work includes Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of VSAT and Leased Lines.
• Maintenance of 3 VSATs to provide 128 Kbps of Data Services and 384 Kbps of Video Services on demand.
• Providing 1 Mbps Internet Leased Line connectivity at Gurgoan.
• Testing and Commissioning of 2 Mbps Terrestrial Leased Line Links.
• VSAT bandwidth along with integration and fine tuning of 12 links at 11 sites as indicated in the diagram

Installation/Commissioning/Maintenance of OCB-283 AMC for BSNL and MTNL

The OCB 283 / CSN Exchange is a Multiservice Switching System which serves as Local, TAX, Tandem, International Gateway Exchange and Service Switching Point (SSP) from Mobile Radio and Intelligent Network (IN).
OCB 283 is the controller part of the exchange, which has a distributed architecture with control station like Main Control Station (SMC) consisting of Call Processing, Data Base, Charging, Message Distribution Management of connection etc.
CSN is Digital Subscriber Concentrated to Interface Subscribers. CSN could be co-located (CSNL) or remoted (CSND). The switch also incorporates second level remoting (CNE) at Distant Subscriber Equipment (CSND).
The main services are Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) ISDN Services, Intelligent Network Services, Digital Circular Radio Telephone Services etc.
As part of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of new technology switches for BSNL and MTNL, ITI has been awarded 40% of the total working lines of OCB 283 with respect of BSNL and 70% of the total working lines of OCB 283 with respect of MTNL through Tender.
The total order value of the project being implemented by NS Unit is as follows:
1. OCB 283 AMC for BSNL is Rs. 33 Crores per annum.
2. OCB 283 AMC for MTNL (both Mumbai and Delhi) is Rs. 21 Crores per annum.
The BSNL OCB 283 AMC started in the year 2005-06 for a period of 3 years and extended upto two more years.
The MTNL OCB 283 AMC started in the year 2007-08 for a period of 4 years.

Outdoor Cable Plant Installation

For Optical Networks

· Cable Blowing, Fusion splicing
· System Engineering
· Outdoor Cable plant Installation
· Trenching and Conduit placing
· Cable laying, Jointing and Termination
· Civil Construction
· Warranty and post Warranty Maintenance
· Emergency Services
· Equipment and Accessories supply
· Right of ways

For Copper Cable Networks

· Cable laying, Jointing
· System Engineering
· Outdoor Cable plant Installation.
· Trenching and Cable laying
· Cable laying, Jointing and Termination
· Civil Construction
· Warranty and post Warranty Maintenance
· Emergency Services
· Equipment and Accessories supply
· Right of ways

External Plant Works

Since 1995 ITI undertook major External Plant Projects for DoT / PGCIL / VSNL / GAIL / RAILWAYS / DEFENCE all over the Country involving laying of PIJF cables/Optical Fibre Cables including ducting. Also ITI very convincingly demonstrated its expertise in supplementing the massive capacity expansion drive of all Exchanges of BSNL all over the Country by having executed successfully several External Plant Cable Network Projects for BSNL and Defence in different States of the country.
The Projects were executed on Turnkey assignment basis involving surveys, Design of Networks, Trenching (both Manual & mechanical), duct laying, blowing of cable/splicing & termination, including OLTE equipment installation and system acceptance testing and documentation.
We have executed over 12,000 Km of PIJF cable laying works and over 25,000 Km of OFC works all over the country including a prestigious assignment of Ministry of Defence in border areas involving laying of Optic fibre backbone for over 45,000 Km.

Indian Railway Projects

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) BASED IP PROJECT FOR RAILTEL

ITI LIMITED carried out MPLS- based IP infrastructure project valued at Rs. 34.5 Crs. For Railtel Corporation of India which include supply of MPLS Routers, Access Switches, Firewall. Caching engine and high availability servers, NMS and PMS, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Training, warranty support & AMC. The deployment of this infrastructure helped Railtel which is an ISP, in attracting corporate clients who want to set up their own private Networks.
NS Unit implemented state-of-the –art Technology of OPTICAL FIBRE SDH COMMUNICATION NETWORK in the different regions of Indian Railways like Raipur to Titlagarh (North Eastern circles) covering 19 stations and Gomo to Pharsu (East Central circle) covering 7 stations.
The Unit also implemented Turnkey project of dedicated Telecom Network in South-Western Railways (Yesvantpur toTumkur) covering 8 stations. The project includes supply, installation and commissioning of SDH-STM1 OPTICAL equipment with PRIMARY DROP/INSERT MULTIPLEXER. The SDH link is mainly used for transmission of Railway control circuits and also for extending of telephone extensions of one exchange to remote location on optical fiber cable using exchange loop & subscriber loop cards and also providing point to point data circuits for passenger reservation system.

Offshore Communication Network for ONGC

Network Systems unit had successfully carried out a prestigious telecommunication project for ONGC. The project was to setup digital TDMA radio systems at 3 process complexes of Western offshore, Mumbai and its integration with the existing electronic exchange and SCADA system. The project was of turnkey nature involved Project Management, Site Survey, System Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Installation & Commisioning.
The TDMA radio system had sourced from M/s. SR Telecommunications limited, Canada and all other accessories like Antenna, Cables, NMS Hardware, Telephone etc., have been sourced locally from various vendors. The TDMA Base Radio Equipment (SR 500) was installed at the 3 Off shore Process Complexes located approximately 100 Km away from Mumbai shore. Each of these process Complexes had 15 to 22 associated unmanned remote Oil Wells. SRT Outstation Equipment (Slim 10/34) was installed at all these unmanned remote Oil wells.
These outstations are connected and controlled by wireless Communication from the Base Radio Equipment. The system as a whole has been energized for operations for voice has been carried out by NSU field engineers in a tough Offshore environment.
Currently NSU is providing AMC services to this network for ONGC