Unit Profile

This Plant was set up in 1971 for the manufacture of transmission equipment.  The major products are optic fibre systems of both PDH and SDH and   telephone instruments of various types. It has an R&D Centre and modern  facilities for assembly and testing with Surface Mount Technology. Environmental lab,metalparts manufacturing facilities and PCB plant are part  of the modern infrastructure.

Areas of Business

Telecom Equipment Manufacture for Defence and Civilians.

IT Services

Diversified Products



Transmission (Fiber Distribution Frame,FORDAR,9.6 Kb/s IP Radio)

STM1   STM4  STM16  STM64


DWDM 2.5G(32CH),DWDM 10G(40CH)

Solar Panels


Environment testing

PCB Assembly and Testing

Card assembly and Testing including Incircuit tester

Metal parts manufacturing

Mechanical Fabrication / Machine Shop with modern CNC machines and Finishing shop

Moulding shop

Computer Center

Component approval center approved by BSNL