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Srinagar Plant was set up in 1969 with 5 employees as an Ancillary to Bangalore Complex for the supply of components Parts (initially different kinds of Braided Cords) to the main Plant. In the year 1981, the status of Plant was upgraded to that of a manufacturing Plant for the manufacture of Telephone Instruments with an installed capacity of 1 lakh telephone instruments.


Well illuminated Assemblies with testing lines fully equipped with microtronix system etc. Wave soldering, laquering / conformal coating.

Quality Assurance labs with fully equipped testing instruments i.e.,

DC Sets

B&K life testers


Telephone analysers

LCZ meter

Megha Ohm meter

Micro Ohm meter

Transmission Testers

Digital Multimeters

Frequency Generators


FRT (Frequency Response Tracer)

Caller ID testers.

Srinagar Unit

Contact Details

Idris Khan, CM-S
ITI Limited
Srinagar Plant
Hyderpore, Peerabagh
Srinagar, J&K - 190 014

Phone : 0194-2430608
Fax : 0194-2431726
Email : idriskhan_sgr@itiltd.co.in

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