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ITI Limited, Mankapur was established in the year 1983 for manufacturing Electronic Switching System (E-10B) Mankapur started manufacturing OCB/CSN Exchanges from 1993-94 and supplied 3000 KL to BSNL/ MTNL. The plant started manufacturing Base Trans-receiver Station (BTS rack) for GSM equipment. To further diversification efforts, the plant has built up a new infrastructure for manufacturing of LED Based Products like LED Solar lantern & LED street lights for rural applications and LED tube lights & decorative indoor lights for Grid Based urban applications.

Plant has the facilities for assembly & automatic testing with SMT Line, environmental test labs, PCB manufacturing and sophisticated Powder Coating Line.

Projects of national importance like Network For Spectrum (NFS) and National Population Register (NPR-40) are being executed by ITI Mankapur plant.

The Unit is ISO 9001-2008 certified and also accredited with ISO 14001: 2004 Certification for Environment Management System.

Areas of Business

Telecom Products (BTS/C-DOT Products/CSN/E10B)

E-governance Projects: NATIONAL POPULATION REGISTER (NPR-40) in state of Chhattisgarh and Bihar

Network for Spectrum Project (NFS)
An Optical Fibre Cable laying project Turnkey basis is being executed by ITI Mankapur against Network for Spectrum (NFS) in the state of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andaman & Nicobar islands and Sikkim of Eastern Telecom Project Region

LED Based Products

Finishing School



E1OB is a digital switching system, which supports only analogue voice communication. It is a telephone switching system based on electronic components and techniques. Two main operating principles are carried over from the PLATON system. One use of PCM digital techniques and Separation of switching functions from operation and maintenance functions.

This switching system can be used to transmit a variety of signals like telephone, telegraph and data. This exchange can accommodate any required combination of subscriber lines and trunk circuits.


CSN “DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER CENTER” equipment is a subscriber connecting entity of OCB 283 Telephone exchange, designed to provide telecom service to analogue and digital subscribers. Its design enables it to fit in the existing E-10B networks or OCB-283 to a time based system using the CCITT No.7 type of semaphore signalling. It is designed for the ISDN application also.

C-DOT Equipments

C-DOT MAX-XL is a universal digital switch can be configured for different applications as local, transit or integrated and transit switch. It has high traffic / load handling capacity up to 8,00,000 BHCA with termination capacity of 384 to 40,000 lines as local Exchange or 15,000 trunks as Trunk Automatic Exchange. C-DOT MAX-XL is a modular and flexible digital system which provides economical means of serving rural and urban environments.

Mobile Products (BTS)

Base Trans-Receiver Station (BTS) “BTS A 9100” is radio frequency mobile communication product based on GSM technology. It is a set of equipments that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. A BTS in general consists of Trans-receiver module antenna network Combiner, Controller card (SUMA) & Alarm Extension System (XIBM). It is a self contained unit for transmitting / receiving signal for mobile communication.
Salient Features:
• A single unit of average configuration caters to approx. 1000 mobile subscribers.
• Hardware supports Multi-band capability for GSM 900 & 1800 MHz.
• BTS provides GPRS / EDGE+ capability.
• Dimensions: Height 1940mm x Width 600mm x Depth 450mm.
• Weight : 270 Kg (fully equipped).

Note Counting Machine

• Robust and heavy duty note counting machine.
• Compact design Versatile and highly reliable performance.
• Automatic/Manual start function.
• Soft touch keyboard positioned with display on the face panel for ease of operation.
• Can count freshly issued, soiled and old notes, either bundled or loose.
• Silent and smooth operation at super high speed counting.
• Inbuilt dust collector maintains hygienic condition for operator.
• Tropicalised and diagnostics with easy error codes for easy maintenance by quick fault detection.

Fake Note Detector

• Supports in detection of most currency denominations, Traveller’s cheque, Passports, Demand drafts, Stamp paper, Transfer forms, Certificates, Dividend warrants, and most of applications providing security identifications.
• New concept of dual detector (Daylight/Ultraviolet tube).
• Currency scan and watermark scan.
• Compact & maintenance free.

LED Lighting Products

• LED is solid state device which uses PN junction property for the emission of light.
• LED lights are superior to conventional lights due energy efficient, long life, low maintenance and environmental friendly nature.
• ITI Mankapur developed and entered into production of various LED based lighting products and its variants like SOLAR LANTERN, STREET LIGHT, TUBE LIGHT, DECORATIVE LIGHT and X-RAY VIEWER.

Facilities & Services

Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) Line

Unit has a electronic assembly plant equipped with modern facilities for surface mounted devices (SMD) assembly and automated testing to ensure defect free PCB assembly. With SMT Line capable of handling complex and fine pitch components with better accuracy, the plant can produce quality assemblies.
Placement Capacity: 50000 CPH
Component Size: 0.6mm x 0.3mm To 50mm x 50mm

Leaded Component PCB Assembly

• Air-conditioned and dust free World class hangers (Approx. 2000 Sq. m area).
• Over 50 numbers of semi automatic component insertion machine (STRECK FUSS make) available.
• Capable of assembling all types of leaded components.

In Circuit Tester (ICT)

• Highly reliable and comprehensive Test System.
• Capable of accessing 3840 nodes in an unit under test.
• Capable of checking short and open circuit, missing and wrong value components.
• Capable of checking memory devices and its program.
• Capable of timing measurement of on-board clock.

Wave soldering

• RoHS Compliant
• Solder Tank Capacity: 400 Kg
• Process Width: 16 inch
• Spray Fluxing controlled through Electronic device
• Three zones IR pre-heating
• Finger conveyer

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Plant has established to manufacture Professional grade Double sided Printed circuit Boards to meet the requirements of E-10B, CSN and MAX-L/XL (selective) system.

The PCB Plant is having automatic production lines so as to produce Double Sided / Single sided Plated through holes PCB. The Quality and Process Control at different stages of production line is monitored thereby achieving competitive quality level for the products conforming to MIL-P55110D.
- Double Sided / Single sided with PTH on FR-4 copper clad epoxy laminate
- Pre-cut modules
- SMOBC technology
- The PCB plant is having ISO 9001: 2008

- Double sided 0.20 mm minimum workable conductor width.
- Minimum insulation is 0.15 mm.
- Maximum finished size 500 x 300 mm
- Minimum finished PTH hole size 0.7 mm

Mechanical Component Manufacturing

The plant is equipped with state-of-art manufacturing of mechanical hardware. The shop is supported with 30 Tons CNC Turret Punching Press, 400 Tons CNC Bending Press and Conventional Punching Presses ranging from 20 Tons capacity to 320 Tons Capacity, Shearing Presses to accommodate MS sheet up to 4 meter length and 3 mm thickness, Spot Welding, TIG Welding, MIG welding and other conventional machines required for sheet metal shop. Beside the above, we are having a very sophisticated Plastic Moulding Shop where imported machines ranging from 25 Tons capacity to 200 Tons capacity are available with chillers, hoppers etc.

To support the above facilities, a full-fledged Tool Room having EDM (Spark Erosion) M/C, NC Milling Machine, Optical Profile Grinding M/Cs, Jig Grinding M/C, Precision Surface Grinding M/Cs , Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Jig Boring M/Cs, Lathes, Milling M/Cs, Shaper etc, and 3 Coordinate Measuring Machine have been set up. For surface finishing operation of hardware/ components a sophisticated Powder Coating Line with 7 Tank Process for Surface Treatment & Phosphating is available. Facilities for Zinc, Nickel & Tin Electroplating, spray painting and silk printing are also available.

Mankapur Unit

Contact Details

Rajiv Seth, GM-M
ITI Limited
Mankapur plant
UP, India

Phone: 05265-230202, 05265-230010
Fax: 05265-230179/230199
Email : rajivseth_mkp@itiltd.co.in

Quality system

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

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