Unitrans ZXWM M900

The Unitrans ZXWM M900 is a 1.6T optical transmission system providing the ideal performance / price ratio with its 160 wavelength, each having 10 Gbit/s bandwidth.


Open rack structure, multi-rate interfaces and diversified networking types

10Gbit/s transmission rate for a single channel, and wavebands C and L, 160 wavelengths in total.

Various optical fibers, and out-band FEC and enhanced out-band FEC supported

EDFA+Raman amplifier included, OSNR improved at the distance as far as to 2000km

Dispersion compensation module included

32/40/80/160 wavelength-compatible, upgrade possible, investment protected

Sub-wavelength aggregation

System Working Wavelength:

According to TU-T G.692, use the specific central wavelength value for the multi-channel system.

Number of Optical Channels: Min.1 and max. 160

Transmission Rate of the Optical Channel: 155 Mbit/s, 622 Mbit/s, 2.5 Gbit/s,10 Gbit/s, 1.25 Gbit/s(GE) and 10 GbE(LAN/WAN)

Total Transmission Power of the System: Min. +5.0 dBm and max. +20 dBm

Monitoring Channel: 1510 nm wavelength at 2Mbit/s

Standard Configuration of the System:

3X33 dB: Three regeneration segments with the max .transmission distance 360 km

5X30 dB: Five regeneration segments with the max. transmission distance 500 km

8X22 dB: Eight regeneration segments with the max. transmission distance 640 km

30X22 dB: Thirty regeration segments with the max. transmission distance 2,400km

Typical Networking: Networking with OTM or OADM equipment. Multiple services can be accessed, such as FE,GE,STM-1/4/16/64 and ATM, with powerful low-rate convergent functions. Offers optical path 1+1 protection, 2-fiber path shared protection, and 2-fiber bi-directional MS protection as required.

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